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December 11, 2014

As an unabashed lover of Christmas songs, I thought I knew them all, but yesterday, I heard this poignant gem for the first time:

In 1972, Marvin Gaye and Forest Hairston wrote “I Want to Come Home for Christmas,” which is sung from the perspective of an American POW in Vietnam. The song got me thinking about being at war and longing for home during the holidays, and I turned to what is probably the most well-known war-time Christmas song, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”:

Bing Crosby recorded the song, which is about a soldier serving in World War II and longing for his family at Christmastime, in 1943. Both songs are powerful expressions of the loneliness that comes with being far from home during the winter holidays, and they are reminders of what families risk and lose when their loved ones are at war.


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